Generation Zero rises above the doubts about its concept

The plan was idiot proof. One of us would lob the flares we’d snagged from the church tower to distract the bipedal machine almost as imposingly tall as the church itself, while the other sprinted toward a nearby car and dumped out a backpack full of gas canisters. The firearms we’d collected were so many makeshift plastic straw pea shooters against the hulking automaton’s thick armour plating. We were counting on the hope that a well placed round dumped into one of the canisters would result in enough boom to put the machine down for good.

These are the sort of scrappy, improvised plans Generation Zero’s game director Emil Kraftling hopes players will come up with when Avalanche’s sci-fi tinged Swedish shooter launches next month. If, like me, you looked at the game’s early screenshots and worried those empty barns and expansive Swedish forests signalled another DayZ-style survival game, then fear not. Though XP-based character progression and acquiring resources are both involved, this isn’t a game where you’ll die of thirst if you don’t sip bog water every few minutes.

“You’re very much an underdog.” Kraftling tells me. “But the enemy is not the environment itself.”


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