Acer’s Nvidia BFGD is still MIA, but their Predator CG437KP could be the next best thing

Conspicuous by its absence is a phrase that springs to mind when it comes to Acer’s Nvidia BFGD, or Big Format Gaming Display. The mega monitor was first revealed back in January 2018, but at Acer’s Next event in New York last week it was still nowhere to be seen.

Instead, Acer revealed the Predator CG437KP – another giant 4K, 144Hz HDR gaming screen, only this time it’s an adaptive sync monitor, not a proper Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate one. Is their Nvidia BFGD ever going to see the light of day? Here’s what they had to say when I questioned them about it last week.


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Credit: RockPaperShotgun

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