Premature Evaluation: Praey For The Gods

Praey For The Gods was forced to change its name from Prey For The Gods, after Prey publisher Zenimax opposed the new trademark. Their platoon of lawyers, who I can only imagine swung in through the windows of the tiny three-man studio and started furiously tipping over desks and tearing phones out of the walls, were concerned that consumers would confuse this game, about traipsing around a desolate tundra murdering hairy giants, with their game, about turning into a lemon on a haunted space station orbiting the moon.

It was, ironically enough for a game about fighting massive monsters, a David and Goliath situation. But if there were to be any confusion between this game and another, it wouldn’t be with Prey. It would be with the PS2 classic that heavily inspired it, Shadow Of The Colossus. Praey For The Gods doesn’t so much wear its influence on its sleeve, as sneak into its influence’s bedroom to wear its perfume and try on all of its underwear, while strutting around in front of the mirror singing “hello boys, my name’s Shadow Of The Colossus, boop-boop-be-doo”.


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